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HireRight Applicant Center and Background Screening

HireRight Applicant Center™ – Improve the Candidate Background Screening Experience

Employment Background and Drug Screening Solution for Global Organizations

Applicant Center improves the candidate experience by demystifying and expediting the background screening process. It also helps to:

Expedite the Verification Process

Applicant Center is a secure, online portal that is a streamlined way to keep the applicant in the loop, a convenient means for the applicant to provide needed documentation and a consolidated view of all communications, making the process more efficient and improving the turnaround time on verifications

Reduce Unnecessary Communications by Keeping Candidates Informed

Real-time status reports, document receipts and a record of communications increase candidate verification progress visibility. Tailored support material such as FAQs and access to live chat reduces unnecessary communications.

Sustain a Positive Image of Your Organization

Creating a personalized way for candidates to be a part of the verification process adds increased transparency to improve the applicant experience, resulting in a candidate having a positive impression of the employer.

Provide a Unique Experience for Applicants On-the-Go

HireRight Applicant Center Mobile provides job applicants with a personalized and intuitive screening experience, enabling them to supply information, check status, and access live help through their smartphones or tablets.

Other Key Benefits

  • Overcome applicant security and privacy concerns with password access to a safe, personalized website
  • Simplify applying for a background check through an easy transfer of LinkedIn® profile data
  • Efficiently upload applicant support information and documents with a confirmed receipt noted on an activity report
  • Automatically print a fax cover page with bar code identification for expedited processing.
  • Applicants can set preferences to receive text alerts that accelerate communications

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