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Nurse Aide Registry Check

HireRight Nurse Aide Registry Check

The soaring need for medical care and lack of skilled staff has created immediate and significant demand for nursing aides. Regardless of the urgency, all health care organizations should prioritize a nurse aide registry check to confirm a subject's qualifications and ensure patient safety.

HireRight's Nurse Aide Registry Check scans state registries to confirm that credentials for nursing assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), geriatric aides, unlicensed assistive personnel, orderlies or hospital attendants are posted. This Check also helps a health care employer confirm that nursing aides do not have any negative actions against them, such as abuse or neglect, and are in good standing.

Results You Can Trust

HireRight's Nurse Aide Registry Check will reveal a full name, certification or registration number, registration date, expiration date, status, type, issuing state, any disciplinary actions, and employment status (unemployable in all capacities or employable in only certain types of capacities). These registries will also often contain records of individuals who have had a finding of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation against them. Additional information may exist, but that would vary by state.

Most health care organizations will combine a Nurse Aide Registry Check with other HireRight background checks, drug and health checks, and employment verification services to ensure patient safety and meet state compliance.

Common Uses:

  • Ensure patient safety - Prescreen nurse aides and periodically check to confirm an individual's nurse aide licensure is in good standing
  • Comply with state regulations and avoid costly litigation and fines - Properly screen individuals prior to employment and upon renewal; alerts can be scheduled to notify an employer and employee when a subject's license is about to expire to prompt a check to confirm the license was renewed
  • Empower the organization to quickly hire employees regardless of the individual's home state – HireRight's Nurse Aide Registry Check is available for all 50 states

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