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Compelling Reasons to Choose HireRight

  1. Greater Efficiency
  2. Faster Results
  3. Better Solutions

Greater Efficiency

You've got too much on your plate to worry about the laborious task of pushing paper through the screening process. Let HireRight make your employment screening efforts more streamlined so that you can focus your valuable time and energy elsewhere.

Some of our productivity-enhancing innovations include: single-point solutions, automated compliance tools, applicant self-service, automated intelligent notifications and pre-integrated solutions from industry leaders. Not to mention, you can access results when you need them, 24/7. What could be more convenient?

Faster Results

You're in the hiring mode and you need answers about candidates ASAP. Good thing HireRight has the technology to help you make timely decisions. With HireRight, you benefit from less than two-day turnaround on average, with a focus on first-time quality results.

How do we deliver faster results? We boast the most automated back-end processes, plus parallel request processing and real-time results delivery—so you can make the fastest informed decisions possible. You also save time and money, while getting the quality new hires you want.

Better Solutions

Ready to consolidate your disjointed screening programs into one single platform? And wish it could be tailored to fit your unique requirements? Well, no one handles complex screening needs or creates customer-focused, results-oriented solutions better than HireRight.

All of our solutions operate in highly secure environments plus feature complex reporting and analytics tools, flexible permission levels and policy enforcement tools. With HireRight, you also have the option of utilizing our on-demand hosted solution or your e-recruiting solution to order and manage background checks.

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