2015 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report

Learn More About the State of Recruiting and Screening

HireRight's eighth annual Benchmarking Report showcases the strategic objectives, related policies, and practical management of employment screening programs. The survey polls several thousand human resources, recruiting, talent management, security, safety and other professionals to discover important insight into the 2015 hiring outlook, as well as explores current business, talent management, and background screening priorities.

Selected highlights from the report include:

A Growing Economy and Business Outlook

The U.S. hiring outlook remains optimistic, with 76% expecting to expand their workforce.

Employment Screening Discovers Lies and Other Issues

Seventy-two percent indicated screening uncovered issues that would not have been otherwise found and 86% indicated screening uncovered lies or misrepresentations on a resume.

Employers May have Gaps in their Screening Programs

Organizations are hiring both direct employees and non-employees such as contractors, temps or contingent workers. However, less than 30% of employers screen this extended workforce, who can pose many of the same risks as employees.

For more insights into policies, programs, and hiring expectations, download the 2015 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report.

"The annual HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report provides an invaluable look at employer screening programs, practices and challenges, and is the industry's only large-scale user survey, so it offers important insights into recruiting and screening trends and issues."

- Rachel Trindade, Vice President of Marketing, HireRight