3 Reasons Why All Employers Should Conduct International Background Checks

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An often overlooked gap in many employers’ background screening programs is conducting screening on international candidates. This includes not only conducting background screening on candidates sourced from locations outside of the U.S., but also conducting global screening on domestic candidates who have a history abroad.

According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce, or 24.4 million individuals, were foreign-born. In addition to those workers born outside of the U.S., there are also many individuals employed domestically who have either lived, worked or studied abroad.

Results from the 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report reveal that many employers may have a significant gap in their background screening programs, with only 23 percent of respondents conducting employment screening on candidates sourced from locations outside of the U.S, or global screening on candidates in the U.S. who have lived, worked or studied abroad.

An effective international background screening program helps employers more thoroughly vet candidates to help mitigate risk and improve the overall quality of hire, both domestically and abroad.

Here are three reasons why you should start conducting global background screening today:

1. Protect Against Negligent Hiring
Of the Benchmarking Report respondents that conduct global background screening, 47 percent cite protecting against negligent hiring risks as the primary reason for conducting global screening.

A negligent hiring claim could arise when a worker causes harm to another individual within the scope of his or her job. If an employer cannot demonstrate they exercised reasonable diligence when evaluating that individual’s fitness for the job, the employer could potentially be held liable for negligent hiring. To help ensure a more thorough screening of a candidate, employers should conduct global background screening where applicable.

2. Comply with International Regulations
Forty-three percent of respondents said that compliance with international regulatory requirements was the top reason they performed global screening. Just as U.S. employment screening regulations vary by industry, state and from the state to federal level, different countries may have varying requirements for background screening and how employers are able to seek and use information.

Organizations that do not address in-country regulations through a global screening program risk being out of compliance in that country. Partnering with an international background screening provider can give your organization immediate access to in-country databases and researchers who can help ensure compliance throughout different regions.

International background checks performed

Source: 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report

3. Improve Global Hire Quality
Finding, retaining and developing quality talent was the top business challenge reported by 47 percent of respondents to the Benchmarking Report. When it comes to global screening, 32 percent of organizations that screen internationally do so to ensure a high global standard for hire quality.

The most common background checks that employers run on international workers are identity (24%), criminal (23%), employment (21%), education verification (13%) and professional licenses and verifications (13%).

In addition to these top five employee background checks, global employment screening providers offer an array of solutions, to the extent locally available, including reference checks, driving records and credit reporting. Comprehensive international background screening can help to support goals for talent acquisition, development and future growth.

To help ensure an effective and consistent background screening program across the entire workforce, employers should conduct international background screening.

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