Four Key Benefits of an e-Recruiting Solution

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The continued strong rates of unemployment created by a slowly recovering global economy have created a situation in which recruiters must sometimes filter through thousands of résumés and job applications to find just a handful of qualified applicants.

To make this process more efficient, many employers have implemented e-recruiting solutions, or applicant tracking systems (ATS), to help them identify and hire the perfect candidate.

The use of this technology is prevalent in the modern workplace. About half of all mid-size employers are using an ATS, and, according to an industry expert with IBM, an estimated high 90 percent of large organizations are using one in their recruitment process. Moreover, it would be a difficult task to find a Fortune 500 company not using one.

Organizations are using ATS solutions in order to alleviate the many issues associated with talent acquisition today. Many employers implement e-recruiting software to help bridge the recent talent gap and achieve competitive advantages in their hiring efforts.

Investing in an ATS solution can also provide you with any combination of the following key benefits:

  1. Ease the workload of recruiters. ATS features automate the recruitment process, helping you identify qualified applicants and reducing time-to-hire. Elements like resume screening, online job posting, and interview scheduling can help relieve much of the manual work associated with finding ideal candidates, allocating more of your time to other pertinent hiring efforts.
  2. Reduce administrative and personnel costs. With an ATS, communicating with candidates, entering data, and handling administrative duties no longer need to be so time-consuming and ultimately costly in terms of man hours. These personnel-related expenses, along with those associated with piles of paperwork, can be minimized with e-recruiting automation.
  3. Improve overall quality of hire. ATS can use pre-identified standards and qualifications to help you recognize and select ideal candidates. Also, because an ATS may reduce time-to-hire, you can keep high-quality applicants more engaged and less prone to removing themselves from the recruitment mix.
  4. Alleviate compliance concerns. Because e-recruiting solutions assist with meeting diversity objectives and automating hiring processes to make them more compliant, this technology works to protect your organization from lawsuits and government inspection. And in the case of litigation or an audit actually occurring, an ATS can quickly provide you with the information that you need to prepare for it.

With all these advantages in mind, integrating ATS solutions into your hiring processes could help strengthen your recruitment processes and attract and hire quality employees.

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