Ten Reasons to Conduct an I-9 Audit Now

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Now that your Open Enrollment period is over, don’t just sit back, kick your feet up and sip on some hot cocoa.

This is a great time to get all of those Human Resources files in order! As a matter of fact, you may even want to consider eliminating the paper processes that haunt you, particularly, that cumbersome Form I-9.

Here are 10 reasons to start the new calendar year in electronic form:

  1. Open Enrollment is over.
  2. Most projects have (hopefully) ended.
  3. It’s a great time for fresh, new projects.
  4. Take a sample of the previous ’ I-9 forms to audit – then see if you need to go back further.
  5. Hiring tends to be low at this time of year for most companies.
  6. Many department managers might have a slowdown in regular work, and have time to assist you.
  7. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to conduct audits at record levels.
  8. Purging I-9’s in the recommended time frame is a well-known best practice.
  9. Check for any outstanding re-verifications.
  10. Immigration is a hot topic in the media circuit once again – no need to be in the headlines in 2015.

Starting the New Year fresh with a renewed commitment to implement best practices can provide the foundation to develop a more compliant business.

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As a HireRight Sr. Solution Engineer, I support Enterprise-level Sales and Account Executives by providing pre-sales support for complex software application presentations including Form I-9 and E-Verify.

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