Reasons for Re-Screening

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Re-screening current employees is still something that many businesses do not recognise as a key component to a solid and reliable background check program. Our 2016 EMEA Employee Screening Benchmark Report revealed that 71% of companies don’t even re-screen when an employee is promoted or changes roles. It is quite possible that someone may have […]


How to Improve your Onboarding Process

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You’ve found the best candidate, they passed their screening and they’ve accepted the job, great! But your work doesn’t stop there. Now it’s all about the onboarding process, and making sure their first day is one to remember. As The Forum of In House Recruiters point out, first impressions count, and your onboarding strategy may […]


Quick Guide to Attracting, and Keeping, the Best Talent

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Bringing in a new employee can be a costly and time consuming activity for any organisation, which is why many HR departments are concerned with retaining their best employees. But how can you ensure you attract, and keep, the very best? How to Attract Qualified Candidates: Know what you want Are you directly replacing a […]


3 Tips to Avoid a Bad Hire

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There have been many famous cases of employees being found to not have the qualifications or experience they claim and often when this is discovered, the harm has already been done to the business. With the cost of hiring, on-boarding and training new employees not getting cheaper, it’s important that the time and effort that […]


6 Tips for Conducting Executive Screening

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Executive hiring presents its own challenges for any company. Unlike regular employees they will have unique professional histories and higher expectations in the hiring process. The role they enter is also significantly different to a regular employer, resulting in the need for a more thorough background check. Due to the unique demands of screening executives, […]

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Top 5 Tips to Create a Great Candidate Experience

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You’ve decided it’s time to look at your candidate experience, but have no idea where to start, or what you could do to improve it. With the rise of social media, it’s more important than ever. Negative experiences can be shared quickly to wide audience, and before long your reputation can take a hit. So […]