GDPR: What Happens Now? Chapter 1 – Transparency

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Following the release of our GDPR White Paper and the GDPR implementation date (25th May 2018), we asked Steve Girdler, Managing Director for International Business at HireRight, and Caroline Smith, Associate General Counsel for EMEA and APAC at HireRight, “so what next?” What are the biggest effects and implications of the GDPR on background screening? What […]

Who, when, and what to check

How to Decide When, Who and What to Check

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One of the key considerations when beginning the process of background screening is deciding when you will conduct checks, who needs to be checked, and what they need to be checked for. This should be written in policy to ensure that there is a consistent approach to screening, now and in the future. But how […]

What’s the Risk with Temporary Workers?

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According to PWC’s ‘The Future of Work, a Journey to 2022’, there will be a big leap in the proportion of contractors making up the workforce. Hiring temporary staff may be a great way to bring in specialist skills and expertise, but many companies don’t identify the risks associated, often neglecting to screen vendors and […]

Safeguarding Financial Services – A HireRight Case Study

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Identifying and mitigating people risk can be a tricky process for many, particularly those operating on a global scale, or in highly regulated markets such as financial services. Our experienced team help our clients implement reliable, robust, and proportionate screening procedures. We partner with our clients to make sure that their background screening process meets […]

GDPR_step 2

Steps to GDPR Compliance: Data Mapping

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Step 2 – Data Mapping Follow the yellow brick road Why data map Data mapping should be a key element in any organisation’s compliance strategy, including any pre-employment screening policy. The prospective employer (data controller) can face questions from its candidate base about where their personal data is being sent and how it is used. […]

What Should You Consider Screening?

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With so many choices of screening available and regulations to adhere to, it can be difficult to make sure you are screening everything you need. Our latest research discovered that more companies in EMEA are carrying out screening, doing so more often and in greater depth. But what exactly are they checking potential employees for? […]

The Impact of Impending Brexit on Background Screening

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In June 2016, when Britain voted to leave the EU, everyone wanted to know what that would mean for them both in their personal life, and in their career. Background screening is no different and with so much still unknown, predicting life post-Brexit is still a challenge for all industries. But we asked senior HR […]

2017 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

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Our latest research into the challenges and trends in background screening is now available. This year’s report shows that the same issues are still concerning HR teams, however there are new and immediate challenges that must be addressed. The key theme of our 2017 report seems to be ‘uncertainty’. With political shifts around the globe, […]