5 Tips for Seasonal Workers: Be Ready for the Rush

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It may still be summer in the UK, but for many in the retail, leisure and hospitality industries, it’s time to create a strategy for hiring seasonal workers for the next busy period, which – say it quietly – is Christmas. Ensuring you get the best candidates in to fulfil the needs of your customers will […]

5 Tips to Prepare for your Background Check

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You’ve applied to a job and had a fantastic interview and now, you have to undergo a background check.  It may seem intimidating and invasive, but in reality, it is generally just a verification or confirmation process of information you have already provided to the employer. It could also include a review of public records […]

2016 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

Re-Screening Employees, What’s the Benchmark?

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Research from our latest benchmarking survey has revealed the different approaches to re-screening in EMEA. Businesses have to be aware of the threats posed not only by new hires, but also by existing employees. People who rise up through a company may have never been screened at a lower entry level, or things simply may […]

Employment Application

Nearly Two Thirds of Job Applications Contain Errors

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Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of job applications contained errors in 2015, according to new research by HireRight, the global candidate due diligence company. This represents an eight percentage point rise in the proportion of people, either deliberately or accidentally, including incorrect details when applying for a job (from 56 per cent in 2014). […]

6 Tips to Meet the Unique Challenges of Executive Background Screening

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While most companies have developed some type of employment background screening program for individual contributors, managers, directors and even temporary employees, many have not developed a well thought out process for screening executives. However, this is one of the most critical groups of employees to screen. An executive with a history of negligent behavior and […]

Internal fraud threats is no different from external fraud threats.

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Written by Richard Hurley, Communications Manager, CIFAS – The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service The frauds recorded to the CIFAS Staff/Internal Fraud Database in 2013 help to underline not only what insider threats have occurred, but where the real vulnerabilities lie. Fundamentally, of course, vulnerability is something that will always be tied up with risk: and […]

Beware recruitment risks as you reinvest in talent

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Steve Girdler, Managing Director EMEA, HireRight comments: “There is a feeling of cautious optimism in the business press regarding the global economic outlook but improvement is still patchy. In the UK, output grew by 0.8% between July and September, the best quarterly performance since 2010 and following a 0.7% growth between April and June. However, […]


Education anomalies at an all-time high

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The exaggeration and falsification of academic qualifications is rife and the media has recently brought to our attention a number of high-profile individuals building a career on fictitious qualifications. Elizabeth O’Bagy, a prominent scholar celebrated by US media and referenced by US Senators in congressional hearings, lied about earning a Ph. D, and lawyer Thomas […]

Positive end to 2012 as recruitment rises and application irregularities fall

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2012 closed on a positive note with analysis of HireRight’s EMEA screenings in December 2012 showing hiring rates 16.25% up compared with the same period in 2011. There was also some respite from the trend of increasing irregularities in pre-employment screening checks – the final quarter of 2012 found the number of applications containing at least […]