Applicant Tracking Systems 101

Applicant Tracking Systems 101

For many years, corporate recruiters have loved to hate their applicant tracking systems. The promise of a sleek digital interface, robust analytics, automated responses and sophisticated search tools never really materialized, leaving companies and candidates frustrated and wishing for more.

The cost of upgrading an applicant tracking system (ATS) gave HR executives headaches as they attempted to convince their bosses that, this time, the money would be well-spent. Yet, a new day may be fast approaching. These systems have evolved and, with the emergence of new technology vendors with competitive products and pricing, many old-line providers have stepped up their game.

This webcast will be prepared by Dave Zielinski who wrote the October magazine article on which this webcast will be based. He would do an overview of his article, walking listeners step by step in what they should look for and consider when selecting an applicant tracking system.

Elaine Orler, CEO of Talent Function, and former SHRM tech panelist and frequent webcast presenter would also weigh in during the webcast, using her extensive knowledge and perhaps presenting a case study that analyzes the process one of her clients went through in order to select an ATS. Both would present steps that HRIS specialists should take when choosing an applicant tracking system.  Elaine can speak, too, to the emergence of talent acquisition technologies and how they’re evolving as well.

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