Transform Your Employment Application Process

The HireRight Employment Application Solution (EAS) provides a seamless approach to integrating the employment application function with your core HR processes.

Our fully configurable solution creates a more streamlined workflow, with multiple configuration options to meet your unique needs. You’ll spend less time worrying about integrating a new solution and more time focusing on decisions that lead to higher-quality hiring. 

HireRight EAS was designed with your needs in mind and includes the ability to tailor your application to add questions and logos and to reduce first-time data entry errors via our smart field validation technology. 

Key Benefits
  • Configurable online application solution
  • Integrates with enterprise screening management
  • Instant tracking, reporting, and status notifications

HireRight EAS Enterprise Benefits

HireRight EAS streamlines the application process by providing a seamless tie-in to background screening services. Applicant information is pre-populated into the required fields, eliminating duplicate data entry and increasing data accuracy. Also, because HireRight EAS comes from HireRight, data is secure and our background screening and drug screening services are just a click away. HireRight EAS also delivers our commitment to service – from technical expertise to customer support for your job applicants.

  • Provides a wizard-based application for a painless user experience.
  • Receive instant status and updates of reports and analytics.
  • Reduce applicant data entry mistakes with “smart” forms.
  • Send applications with robust applicant tracking features.
  • Stay current with pre-integrated federal and state compliance tools.

Key Features

  • Ability to invite applicants to fill out the application
  • Provides an interactive, self-service kiosk feature
  • Email alerts when the application or background check has been completed
  • Receive instant status updates of all applications
  • Prompts applicants to enter the missing data before application completion
  • Includes step-by-step wizards and smart fields for application process
  • Full suite of recruiting program management reports