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Resume Fraud in India up by 38 percent as compared to First Quarter of 2015

HireRight reveals 22.55 percent discrepancy in resumes from April to June 2015

Mumbai, August 19, 2015 – HireRight, a world leader in on-demand employment background screening solutions, released the HireRight Employment Background Screening Trends Report for India from April to June 2015, revealing that almost 3 out of 10 screenings, or 22.55 percent of screenings conducted during that period contained a lie or a discrepancy.

These discrepancies comprised fabrications or inaccuracies on CVs primarily related to educational, employment background and professional licenses. While there has been an increase in hiring in 2015 vs. 2014 in India, the percentage of discrepancies has also increased year-on-year.

The report is based on data drawn from employment background verifications conducted by HireRight in India. The types of checks conducted include those on Employment, Education, and Professional Licenses.


  • Of the total 23,539 screenings done by HireRight in India, 22.55 percent were found to have discrepancies.
  • The discrepancy rate for the period of January to March 2015 was 16.31 percent. Hence, the rate of 22.55 percent for April to June 2015 represents a phenomenal rise of 38.35 percent in the discrepancy rate.
  • The discrepancy rate from April to June 2014 for India stood at 28.31 percent - a decrease of 20.34 percent (Year on Year) in the discrepancy rate.
  • Discrepancies related to education are the highest at 40.80 percent – This would include candidates lying about their education qualifications to obtain a better job status.
  • This is followed by Professional Licenses discrepancies at 8.82 percent
  • India ranks 4th compared to the rest of Asia Pacific in terms of discrepancies found in CVs: 
    • Malaysia: 25 percent
    • Singapore: 24.45 percent
    • Philippines: 24.24 percent
    • India: 22.55 percent
    • Japan: 19.87 percent
    • Hong Kong: 16.57 percent
    • South Korea: 16.01 percent
    • China: 14.64 percent
    • Vietnam: 13.01 percent
    • Taiwan: 12.73 percent
  • Surat tops the charts for the highest discrepancy rate in Education at 68.09 percent followed by Mumbai (53 percent) and Ahmedabad (51.41 percent) respectively.
  • Kochi, Patna and Jaipur are the cities with the least discrepancy rates at 25 percent, 21.43 percent and 18.24 percent, respectively.
  • Education discrepancy in the top ten cities:
    • Surat: 68.09 percent
    • Mumbai: 53 percent
    • Ahmedabad: 51.41 percent
    • Pune: 48.72 percent
    • Hyderabad: 46.5 percent
    • Indore: 46.23 percent
    • Nagpur: 45.83 percent
    • Bhubaneshwar: 45.06 percent
    • Kolkata: 45 percent
    • Bangalore: 42.54 percent

Interestingly, the highest discrepancy rates have been observed mostly in the metropolitan cities.

Commenting on the gradual increase in discrepancies, Mr. Edward Hickey, Managing Director, APAC, HireRight says, “The endless rat race and competitive job market in India gives many job seekers the impetus to embellish on their resumes.”

He further adds, “Background screening has gained prominence in India over the past few years, with companies realising the importance of candidate due diligence and the role it plays in mitigating risks and fraud in the company. At HireRight, we strongly recommend that companies in all industries screen, not only full-time employees, but also contract or part-time workers, as these employees have the same access to company premises and confidential information. Not screening them presents a huge risk to organisations and opens them up to fraud or corporate theft.”


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