Credit History Checks

Financial and Credit Checks

If you are hiring a new employee to handle your company's finances or accounts, or you're operating in the finance industry, it may be a legal requirement – or at least extremely prudent – to carry out a check on your candidate’s financial integrity.

Drawing upon a selection of financial sources, HireRight will carry out that check on your behalf. We will conduct checks in the country or countries your candidate has previously lived in and find information available on any debt, litigation or bankruptcy issues in your candidate's past. The information accessible does vary from country to country. 

Ensure Your New Recruit is Financially Sound

You will be able to review our findings in order to consider the financial history of your candidate against the responsibilities of the role, making a more informed decision.

By having all of the facts at your disposal, you'll be able to make certain that your company's finances are always in the safest of hands.

Key Benefits
  • Identify any adverse financial information in the candidate's history

  • Remain compliant with regulatory obligations

  • Mitigate risk when employing a new candidate

Request a Full Employee Credit Check

HireRight is able to carry out a credit search on any potential hire, dependent on the availability of public domain financial records, or the provision of an international credit check. We'll sift through a range of data sources in order to uncover any financial issues, and provide you with a confidential report.  

  • 72 per cent of responders from HireRight's employment screening benchmarking survey agreed that employment screening uncovers issues that would not have been found otherwise.