Extended Workforce Screening

If you’re like many employers in Asia Pacific, the very make-up of your workforce is changing. You may be looking to supplement your regular workforce with temporary and contract workers, vendors and consultants to help keep your organisation moving forward.

Given this tidal shift in the very nature of employment, it’s critically important that you don’t create unnecessary gaps in your screening programmes.

HireRight's 2020 Global Benchmark Report found that globally only 48% of organisations screen their contingent and/or temporary workers, even though these individuals often have direct access to facilities, staff and company information.

HireRight specifically designed our Extended Workforce Screening (EWS) solution to address this very issue.

Via our EWS solution, you can:

  • Mitigate unnecessary risks associated with your contingent workers
  • Realise greater consistency across your entire screening programme
  • Help ensure vendor compliance with your specific screening standards
  • Consolidate programme management to a single solution
  • Simplify the implementation and expansion of EWS programmes
  • Gain visibility into your entire EWS programme

The HireRight EWS solution allows you to determine the employment screening standards your contingent workers and vendors must meet. Start by choosing an extended workforce screening programme profile that best matches your needs and then select options that adapt the profile to your unique requirements.

To help deliver a better experience for you, our HireRight EWS solution seamlessly integrates with our other employment screening solutions. In this way, your organisation benefits from a single point of management for your entire background screening programme.