Tips for Expediting Your Background Check

If you’re asked for additional information during the screening process, please try to reply as promptly as possible. In some instances, you can provide data that can help complete the verification, such as a W-2 form to confirm previous employment, or transcripts or copies of your diploma to verify education.

For checks outside the U.S., the process can be more time-consuming.This is typically attributed to sources like universities being less accustomed to fielding such verification requests, so they’re often not as quick to provide a response.

However, the process can be greatly expedited if you provide the necessary country-specific information requested by HireRight.

HireRight provides an Applicant Center through which you can securely submit requested documentation, view the status of your background check, receive alerts if the screening company has any questions or needs additional information, and ask the screening company any questions you may have about the process as you move through it.

This portal can help expedite the screening process, making it easier and more convenient for you.