Where does HireRight get their information?

Contrary to some common misconceptions about background screening, there isn’t a single centralized government database that houses information about you that is accessed by commercial background screening companies, nor are HireRight’s background screeners hiding in your bushes or digging in your trash cans to find information on you.

HireRight generally verifies the data that candidates have provided in their resumes, applications, background forms and/or interviews.

They also check public data sources for information that may help the employer assess the candidate’s honesty and employment risk.

Your background information may be researched and compiled from different sources. For example, to confirm your education history, your schools usually will be contacted directly. Also, your past employers generally will be contacted to verify your employment history.

Criminal history generally is verified through public court records.  HireRight may utilize different methods and sources depending on the type and location of search being conducted.