New eBook: Background Checks for Dummies

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Savvy HR professionals know that using an industry-recognized background checking company to help verify that your job candidate is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about his or her credentials is a key component to fostering a safe and more productive workplace.

But what actually goes on during the background check process? What should a company consider when selecting a background check partner? What parts of a candidate’s background should be checked? What laws and regulations should you be thinking about? How long does a background check take?

You’ve probably got lots of questions… Let HireRight help you find answers!

Download HireRight’s brand-new e-book, Background Checks for Dummies and you’ll learn:

  • The Background on Employee Background Checks
  • How Background Checks Work
  • Planning the Screening Policy and Process
  • Getting Started With Background Checks
  • and Ten Countries and Their Background Check Environments

This valuable guide is available free from HireRight! Download your copy today!

Free eBook: Background Checks for Dummies
Background Checks For Dummies [eBook]
Background Checks For Dummies [eBook]

Your guide to help reduce hiring risk and improve your quality of hire.

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