5 New ATS Features that Help Employers Recruit via Social Media and Mobile

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The use of the applicant tracking system (ATS) / e-recruiting solution is becoming commonplace in the modern workplace, with more than 90 percent of large organizations and nearly every Fortune 500 company using one.

Perhaps one explanation for their popularity is that they can help employers better identify talented candidates, thereby addressing the common “talent gap ”—the challenge of finding and retaining qualified applicants—many organizations are experiencing.

This particular benefit of e-recruiting solutions is in addition to the many others provided to employers through use of this powerful technology.

Some organizations are taking their use ATS solutions one step further by looking to them to augment other technology-based recruitment strategies (like the utilization of social media and mobile) that these employers are implementing to help with their overall talent acquisition efforts.

Specifically, organizations are looking to some innovative new features of many e-recruiting solutions to assist them in their recruitment programs.

These features employ forward-thinking integration of social networking and mobile technologies and include the following:

  1. Applying for open positions directly through social media. Applicants can use their social networks, such as LinkedIn, to directly apply for a job. Pertinent information, like career history and educational qualifications, can be retrieved from their profile data, reducing the necessary application time and improving the overall recruitment experience.
  2. Easier access on mobile devices. ATS providers assist with, and sometimes host, career websites optimized with a mobile presentation and interface. ATS can also pre-populate candidate information directly from an individual’s online profile and condense job applications for easier completion on mobile platforms. Some e-recruiting solutions even schedule and send out text messages to applicants to provide updates, schedule interviews, and request necessary information.
  3. Expansion of referral networks. Organizations use their ATS to post jobs onto LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Current employees can also share job openings, updates, and current news with their own personal social networks, reaching out to a wider range of referrals. Employers can review the social networks of current employees to see if identified candidates are a part of their networks. If so, recruiters can request for that employee to leverage his or her connection to make the introduction.
  4. Sourcing of better candidates. Employers also use ATS to detect potential passive candidates—even if they are not interested at the time. An ATS then assists by entering the candidate into the employer’s online community and subsequently strategically marketing the employer and its brand.
  5. Recruiting the best employees. E-recruiting solutions analyze the social networking sites that generate the largest pool of applicants and produce the most hires. ATS solutions incorporate talent management solutions for employers to gain insight into the social networks that provide the best candidates and employees. Employers can emphasize the social media channels that produce the best return on investment (ROI) in recruiting.
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