5 Traits of Effective Employee Background Screening Programs

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An effective background screening program provides many benefits for employers including maintaining compliance, improving the quality of hire and mitigating liability risks. However, many employers may unknowingly be missing these advantages by not focusing on some of the critical characteristics of a successful background screening program.

By understanding the key traits of other successful background screening programs, you will be able to successfully design or review your current background screening program to achieve these benefits.

According to the 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, the background screening programs of leading employers focus on these five priorities:

1. Focus on Timeliness
Employers that focus on quick turnaround time for background checks are able to free up human resources personnel to work on other tasks, which may be vital to building a strong workforce. In addition, reducing the overall time-to-hire helps employers to compete for the best candidates. If a job candidate receives a firm offer of employment from a competitor first, then he or she may decide to work for the competitor instead of for your organization.

Utilizing a well-respected on-demand employment background screening company can help employers improve the efficiency of their current screening program. Leading background screening providers simplify the screening process, reduce manual processes, and leverage automation to accelerate the background screening process.

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Source: 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report

2. Maintaining Compliance
Failure to maintain compliance with laws and regulations could result in severe penalties. However, staying current with evolving regulations can be challenging.

Employers cite complying with federal and state laws and requirements as a significant challenge, but use a variety of sources to help stay compliant. Nearly one third of respondents rely on their background screening provider, while 48 percent use in-house legal counsel.

Leading background screening providers possess years of compliance experience and expertise and can help build effective screening programs. Some screening providers also build compliance tools into their solution, providing additional compliance support. Some providers also specialize in industry specific regulations such as health care, finance, and transportation.

3. Centralized Program Management
By centralizing the background screening process, employers may see benefits including a more consistent, efficient, accurate and compliant screening program. A centralized employment screening process may also allow organizations to reduce the number of software programs and providers involved. Many employers also benefit by defining program ownership of the background screening process, typically the human resources department.

Leading on-demand background screening providers offer employers the tools to build streamlined screening programs that are easy to implement throughout large organizations and across multiple locations.

4. Continual Self-Assessments
An annual audit of your background screening program can help reveal whether it is effectively meeting your hiring and risk mitigation needs. Background screening program audits also help organizations remain current with changing state, industry and federal regulations [VIDEO].

A well-respected background screening provider may be able to offer more tips for conducting internal screening program reviews.

5. Efficiency through Integration
A screening program that integrates easily with other tools can help organizations reduce human error by eliminating the need to manually enter information into multiple systems. Integration also makes it easier to capture data and business intelligence, which can reveal insights into the timeliness and effectiveness of the screening process.

More than half of employers surveyed use a background screening solution that integrates with their other software applications and tools. Sixty-three percent have a screening solution that integrates with their recruiting tools, 53 percent have a solution that ties into human resources software and 51 percent use screening tools that connect to their applicant tracking software.

Does your background screening program possess these traits?

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