5 Factors to Look for in a Drug Screening Provider

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According to the 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, 78 percent of respondents currently conduct drug testing on some portion of their workforce.

In addition, to regulatory requirements, many employers adopt drug screening programs to mitigate the risk of hiring substance users and abusers who pose a risk to their organizations in the forms of lower productivity, increased turnover, higher insurance costs, and decreased safety in the workplace.

To address these challenges many employers are partnering with on-demand drug and health screening providers to help them better design and manage their testing programs. However, not all drug and health screening providers are the same.

Evaluating and selecting a drug screening provider can seem like a daunting task, but there are a number of critical characteristics you should consider, including:

  1. Industry Experience: Experience in your industry, particularly if you are subject to regulatory requirements for drug testing is essential. Many industries such as transportation have complex and evolving drug and alcohol testing regulations that make maintaining a compliant program challenging. 
  2. In-House MRO: Does the provider possess physician-qualified in-house Medical Review Officers (MROs)? Providers with an in-house MRO are able to provide additional expertise around the drug testing process and are able to provide critical tasks such as assisting with quality control and assurance.
  3. Drug Testing Expertise: Conducting drug testing involves more than conducting the drug test itself. A deep experience in drug testing is required to be able to assist the employer to achieve their drug testing program goals.
  4. Customizable Solutions: Seek a company that offers customized solutions, not a one-size fits all program, so that you have a wide variety of testing options. Depending on the goals of your drug testing program, employers should evaluate the wide variety of drug testing options to best meet their needs.
  5. Advanced Technologies: Your drug testing provider should offer the most current testing technologies, including: 
  • Electronic documentation for every step of the testing process.
  • Drug testing solutions integrated with other background screening solutions for a comprehensive view of applicant and employee screening information.
  • Drug testing technology that affords easier collection methods, and longer windows between drug use and detection.

Many employers are taking positive steps towards hiring and maintaining a drug-free workplace, however, choosing the right on-demand drug testing provider is an important component of an effective drug free workplace program.

By evaluating these five factors, you will be able to better select the right on-demand drug testing provider that meets the goals of your drug-free workplace program.

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