What Your Employees Don’t Want You to Know

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Employment drug testing

Employees know what falls within the boundaries of appropriate behavior befitting your organization. However, they take their cues from company policies, codes and, even more so, from the actions of your organization. Do you perform ongoing and random drug screening or do you only perform a pre-employment drug test? What does your drug testing program say about your organization’s workforce goals?

A recent Society of Human Resources Management survey showed only 39.4 percent of organizations in the U.S. perform random drug screening. If the goal is to obtain a drug-free workplace, why do companies not periodically screen their employees? Some organizations view ongoing testing as an opportunity cost situation. If they randomly screen, then it impacts the budget and bottom line for the company. While, this may initially make fiscal sense, ultimately when reviewing the risk, productivity loss, and insurance costs associated with employee drug use, a compelling case develops for performing ongoing random drug testing.

Even more disturbing is how employees might interpret a lack of ongoing or periodic testing. Could it be interpreted as a don’t ask, don’t tell policy? Is there something your employees wouldn’t want you to know? By only performing a pre-employment drug test, companies increase their risk of on the job or recreational drug use by their employees.

The US Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that problems related to alcohol and drug abuse cost American businesses roughly $81 billion in lost productivity each year. Studies have shown that substance-abusing employees function at about 67% of their capacity. This loss in productivity demonstrates the need for enforcing a continuous drug screening program.

Some industries, like transportation and health care, already have regulations requiring their employees to participate in randomly selected drug testing programs. It is also important to note that some states in the U.S. restrict the usage of random testing programs in non-regulated environments or limit use to safety-sensitive positions in some cases.

HireRight’s random drug screening solution provides organizations with a flexible and easy-to-operate system for the management of an ongoing drug testing program. With automated notifications and integrated program tracking, companies can implement and execute a compliant, efficient random drug screening program that sends the right message to your employees. By implementing a program and policy that is enforced across the organization you’ll take the steps required to identify some of the risky habits your employees don’t want you to know about.

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