Employment Screening Predictions For 2014: How Accurate Were They?

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As the year winds down, we slowly drift into that inevitable season of predicting trends for the new calendar year.

Rest assured, at HireRight, we will have our own predictions for 2015 coming soon. In the meantime, it might be interesting to take a retrospective look at 2014.

What were the most common predictions for the year gone by and how relevant did they turn out to be? After reviewing numerous articles and blog posts covering “trends for 2014” the most frequent background screening trends appear to be grouped into the categories of “ban the box” regulations or technology domains:

‘Ban the Box’ Regulations

Without question, the adoption of ‘Ban the Box’ initiatives in states and municipalities across the US was a reoccurring prediction for the background screening industry in 2014. No less than 6 municipalities and 5 states have now adopted Ban the Box with 2 more states following suit in the coming months.

Technology Domain

While changes to the regulatory landscape are relatively easy to predict as they require an extended length of time to write, debate and pass, making accurate technological forecasts, on the other hand, is much more complicated. Some of the most common predictions for 2014 revolved around the use of technology in conducting background checks.

These emphasized the increased usage of social media, placed greater prominence on integrations with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and predicted the burgeoning availability of mobile tools for applicants undergoing background screening.

Interestingly, on this last point, 2014 witnessed relatively little innovation. With some exception, applicants may not find many new mobile solutions at their disposal.

This could be considered surprising in light of the prominent mindshare that candidate experience currently occupies in the élan vitale of human resources managers. Recruiters may want to review the mobile solutions that their background check company provides in order to align with the expectations of a digital workforce.

Generally speaking, predictions for the background screening industry for the year were reasonably accurate. Trends don’t perfectly align with the calendar year and many of 2014’s developments will naturally extend into the following year and well beyond.

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