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Meeting the very real demand for contract workers at military and government installations across the U.S. has been the portfolio of DeLeon Technical Services, Inc. (DTS) of Austin, Texas since the company’s founding in 1991. The company has experienced notable success having secured 27 different contracts on more than 19 government installations – no small feat for a small business. The growth might well have been limited, however, if DTS had not found an effective, timely solution for background screening.

According to Michael Dousette, V.P and Operations Manager at DTS, “Before we submitted our first proposal for a new government contract, we had no mechanism in place for performing background checks. It was a condition of the contract that all potential staff must pass a background check. We needed to find a solution very quickly or we wouldn’t be eligible for the project.”

Finding an effective and efficient employment background screening approach as a small business, however, has not traditionally been simple. Many background checking systems are too large, complex and, above all, costly for a small business that doesn’t hire hundreds or thousands of people a year. On the other hand, some systems are simply too patchwork and inefficient, requiring the small business to do far more of the work than they have the time and people to handle.

Fortunately, HireRight was recommended to DTS by a trusted colleague. As Dousette says, “We went to them first and have been very pleased with their service.” Having the ability to process the required background checks helped DTS secure the contract they were after. “When we are awarded a contract, we staff the jobs with incumbent employees as well as recruiting locally through the newspapers and numerous other recruiting resources. Once I find someone I want to hire, they must pass a drug screen and now, thanks to HireRight Express, a thorough background check,” Dousette explains.

HireRight Express is an effective solution for companies like DTS because it is an Internet-based, pay-as-you-go solution designed specifically for the needs of small businesses. It offers the best of both worlds, combining many of the sophisticated, time-saving, highly automated capabilities developed for its Fortune 1000 clients, packaged in a neat, affordable, on-demand system. DTS now relies on HireRight Express to screen court records, sex offender registries, address history and other important data. “Best of all,” explains Dousette, “HireRight Express is very easy to use. Once a potential employee authorizes the check, we send the report request to HireRight who immediately sends a confirmation. We usually receive a report within 24 hours. It’s truly an economical solution. I also really like the fact that we can pay online.”

Dousette recalls with special emphasis a close call that HireRight helped DTS avoid. “When we first started our new contract I hired a couple people through a local temp agency. They sent us an employee who looked great. I assumed the temp agency had already checked everyone out so I almost didn’t run a background check on him. Well, I did the check and it turned out he had serious felonies on his record. Without that check, we could have lost our contract and put a lot of people out of work.” Dousette concludes, “I’ve learned that background checking is simply the right way to do business. HireRight enables us to hire with confidence, and in our business that gives us an important competitive edge.”

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HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug and health screening, and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions that help employers automate, manage and control background screening and related programs.

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