Let the Winter (Hiring) Games Begin!

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Let the Winter (Hiring) Games Begin

The finest athletes in the world have convened at the historic Winter Games in PyeongChang which opened February 9, 2018. Its theme, “Passion. Connected.” refers to a world in which everyone is united with shared love of winter sports, a world open to any generation anywhere and anytime.

Are there parallels between schussing down a slope and a thorough background check program? Definitely. Take some time in between events to consider how many of the top winter sports may illustrate how a background check provider of HireRight’s caliber can help organizations take the gold by working in a “Passion. Connected.” environment to minimizing risk by qualifying talent.


It takes one’s breath away just thinking about how much energy and concentration it takes to ski as fast as possible, then suddenly stop to shoot at (and hit) five distant targets with a rifle—then ski again at top speed to four more shooting stops!  Speed, accuracy, endurance—it’s all indispensable. Same with performing background checks and screening job candidates for substance abuse. HireRight takes the gold with fast, accurate domestic and international background checks, plus providing clients with its newly-expanded laboratory and clinic network that will include more than 22,000 locations nationwide. You’ll have everything you need to stay on target from a single, highly-coordinated background check partner.

Cross-Country Skiing

Did you know that the word “ski” comes from the old Norse word for a stick of wood—skíð? Cross-country skiers rely only on their own locomotion rather than lifts or jumps.  And competitors must traverse a wide range of terrain, from unimproved mountainous areas to groomed courses. In a similar manner, a worthy background check must adapt quickly to changes in the compliance terrain, including Pay Equity legislation, produce materials drafted by experts in the field to map the landscape ahead, and maintain solutions to help traverse those challenges—as does HireRight.

Bobsleigh (Bobsled)

This year’s events include two- and four-person teams that make timed runs down perilous, twisting tracks of ice in compact vehicles on skis. Initially it was a sleigh that held four brave souls, but today’s device is far more sophisticated and safer—which is good since the sleds can travel 75 mph and provide crew with as much as 5 g!

It takes the same caliber of teamwork to mitigate the perils brought on by an unscreened workforce – criminal, education, identity, verifications, references, drug, I-9, and other hiring essentials can all be completed by your partners at HireRight.

Slalom Skiing

Simple. A skier with world-class agility and courage hurtles down a vertical drop of about 600-700 ft. through a course defined by scores of gates comprised of alternating pairs of red and blue poles two of which form each gate which must be skillfully negotiated. Oh, and the gates are arranged in a variety of configurations to reduce the competitor’s boredom.

It takes world-class skills for a consumer reporting agency such as HireRight to navigate the many and often-changing laws enacted by national and local legislation—all while providing you with agile solutions to help your organization with its screening needs. Enjoy our short video explaining how!

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