The State of Recruiting and Background Screening in 2015

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The State of Recruiting and Screening in 2015

At HireRight, we recently conducted our annual employee background screening benchmark survey, polling several thousand recruiters, human resources managers, executives and business owners.

While we generally focus on the state of background screening, we also like to explore larger business trends. The results provide valuable insight into trends and business challenges, as well as common best practices.

Our goal is to provide you with a way to compare your own practices with those of the rest of the industry. So what did we learn?

What is the state of hiring in 2015?
According to survey responses, employers are reasonably optimistic about increasing their workforce in the coming year.

In fact, 76% indicated they would probably do so, with only 4% expecting to shrink the size of their labor force. This shows a commitment to organizational growth that hasn’t been seen in years.


Source: HireRight 2015 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report

What are some of the most common business challenges?
Recruiting and retaining talent is the single largest challenge that employers face. This is perhaps not surprising given that most are expecting to increase hiring in 2015.

We have come a long way since the depth of the Great Recession, when survey responders indicated that growing revenue was their top business challenge.

Do applicants misrepresent themselves on their resumes?
Without a doubt, a majority of responders indicated that they have discovered some misrepresentation or an outright lie on a resume at some point or another.

Almost 72% of respondents say that background screening helps uncover issues that would not have been uncovered otherwise.

What are the benefits of background screens?
An overwhelming majority of responders indicated that they derive one or more benefits from background checks. Most cite better quality of hire as employers are able to get a better picture of the candidate and their potential fit for role and organization based on an assessment of their background.

Respondents also note improved workplace safety by knowing their workforce has gone through employment screening while others cite compliance with complex regulatory frameworks as their top benefits.

There are plenty more stats to dive into, too many for this blog. We invite you to download our 2015 Benchmarking Report to learn more about common employment screening and re-screening practices, how employers are managing screening of global employees and policies, and much more.

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