Top 10 Questions About Background Checks from HR Professionals [Infographic]

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We understand that the background screening process can seem complex and intimidating. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to a background check program.

In order to help diffuse some of the mystery in background screening, we have collected various questions from HR Professionals.

See the answers to the top background check questions, including:

  • How long do background checks take?
  • Can you just plug into some CSI-type database and get instant criminal background info?
  • What does a successful background check program look like?
  • Do I actually need to conduct E-verify checks?
  • Why can’t you just look up the candidate on Google or Facebook?
  • Other background check vendors never forced me to go through credentialing. Why do I have to do it with you guys?
  • Why is it so difficult to verify past employers?
  • What if schools listed on the candidate’s application or resume are no longer in existence?
  • Do I really have to “Ban the Box?”
  • How should we be testing for drug use?

Top 10 Questions About Background Checks from HR Professionals_HireRight_FINAL_v2


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