Four Things We Learned From the 2020 Global Benchmark Report (U.S. and Canada Special)

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HireRight’s 2020 Global Benchmark Report is based on the survey responses of nearly 1,700 people professionals worldwide who answered questions about their businesses, background screening habits, and talent acquisition challenges. It also includes insights from some of our subject matter experts, covering topics such as compliance, talent acquisition, and technology, to help highlight some of the challenges, […]

How Innovation Is Changing the Future of Career Pathways

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Imagine that you have a digital wallet, containing your verified education and employment details as digital credentials. Any time you apply for a job, you need to only share the credentials from your wallet and potential employers could instantly gain access to verified information. Sound like something from the future? In fact, it’s a reality […]

Lying on resumes is a bad idea

Liar, Liar – Your Pants and the Rest of You Are Fired!

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<Sigh.> Despite the constant strides forward in improving the speed and precision HireRight applies in sniffing out falsehoods and misrepresentations, candidates continue to lie on job applications and resumes. Big mistake. Providing misinformation can not only eliminate an otherwise-qualified candidate from consideration for a job but get them fired even years later if they do […]

education credential verification

Getting Schooled in Education Verification

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Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re reading real news or the Onion… A candidate for the Florida state House recently was publicly shamed into admitting that she lied about her education, and was compelled to drop out of the race. Melissa Howard claimed to be a college grad, but a local news site reported […]