Background Checking Child Care Facilities: No Kidding Around Post-COVID

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For parents, finding safe, bona fide child care will remain a critical need. But as they resume work at their place of employment, they may find themselves fiercely competing to get their child enrolled at a facility maintained by thoroughly-screened management and staff. And differing state laws concerning background checks for those individuals can make the situation confusing and challenging.

Handling Gaps on Your Resume

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A frequently-asked question by job candidates is how to handle periods of unemployment that show as gaps on their resumes. While a few months may not be a cause for concern for some employers, gaps of six months or more may disqualify the job seeker from being considered. Not necessarily. Hiring professionals are human beings, […]

Behind the Scenes of Background and Reference Checks

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We’re often asked what goes on “behind the scenes” of a background check. What do you ask references? What do you verify when you contact the candidate’s schools? What do you verify when you check employment history?

The basics are usually pretty well understood, but some details may not be obvious and even seem mysterious.

While background checks including reference checks may vary from employer to employer, and from one background check company to another, this article examines the most commonly-requested elements.