The Hidden Dangers of Your Vendor Workforce

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Background screening temporary workers

Pre-employment background screening of full-time employees is widely practiced in today’s business community. According to SHRM, 85 percent of all large U.S. employers perform some type of background check on their new hires. With a formal background screening program in place, companies are able to better prevent thefts, breaches and violence and provide a safer and more secure work environment.

Despite the tremendous effort companies put into hiring the right staff and conducting their due diligence on full-time employees, more often than not, the same level of vetting and diligence is not performed on the rest of their workforce.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than ten percent of the U.S. workforce is made up of contractors, vendor employees and temporary employees. In some cases this extended workforce can make up more than a third of a company’s total workforce — a portion that is most often left out of the screening program.

A recent HireRight study found that extended workforce employees are 92 percent more likely to have a felony record than permanent employees. Extended workforce employees are also 49 percent more likely to have a positive drug test and 50 percent more likely to have a misdemeanor charge. These statistics show just how important it is to conduct the same type of background checks on your extended workforce as you do on permanent employees.

To adequately apply your screening program to protect your company against security breaches and violence, the screening program must address the entire workforce. It is important that knowledgeable firms and their vendors have agreements in place to require the proper checks on all extended workforce employees, temps and contractors. By doing this, a company can build a more secure environment for their employees, customers and assets.

HireRight’s Extended Workforce Screening Solution provides a simple way for companies to manage an extended workforce screening program and ensure that their vendors perform background checks on their employees.

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