Who’s Background Screening Them?

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Background check contingent workforce

In 2004, over a pound of Fentanyl, a powerful – and potentially lethal – painkiller was found on a man who had ingested a nearly lethal amount at a Vacaville, California pharmaceutical plant, it would seem that anyone with access to this drug would have to be an employee, however, it was discovered that he was not an employee of the plant, but a temporary worker that was responsible for the theft and contamination.

Albeit a temporary worker, he was responsible for theft and comtamination of the plant which resulted in approximately $67 million in damages. This begs the question: Who is screening them? “They” being contract workers, vendors and temporary workers.

Many companies find contract workers to be an integral part of their workforce. With an extended workforce making up more than one-third of some companies, this contingent is clearly one of the greatest vulnerabilities of employers today.

In fact, this portion of the workforce has 50% more misdemeanor records and 49% more positive drug results than same company permanent hires. Unfortunately, many people with questionable backgrounds tend to gravitate toward industries and positions where they know that background checks are not regularly performed.

Although financial impact can be significant, let’s also consider the loss or theft of Sensitive Personal Information (SPI). In another instance of contract workers slipping though the cracks, federal investigators say a contract worker attempted to sell thousands of names and Social Security Numbers to an undercover agent after making efforts to contact other foreign countries in an attempt to sell the stolen database information.

And just last July, a contractor employed to perform custodial services at a post office in Connecticut plead guilty to stealing mail from a collection hamper in the main workroom of the Post Office. That employee is now being prosecuted by the US Attorney’s office.

Without being vetted, this outside collection of workers poses a significant threat to the inside assets of a company. Visibility, control and resource capacity issues make screening this group a significant challenge. What’s required is a solution that provides for global roll-out, management and enforcement of an extended workforce screening program in an automated fashion, with minimal additional investment.

HireRight provides an Extended Workforce Screening (EWS) solution that allows you and your vendors to submit background check requests by creating and accessing a web-based account. Through this solution you can activate and manage members, examine adjudication results and view, approve, reject and revoke requests.

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