8 Steps to Global Background Screening Success

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One of the biggest trends in both Human Resources and Security surrounds the need for consistency of employment background screening not only domestically, but internationally as well.

With managers at US headquarters being tasked with this initiative, demand for consistent and comprehensive global verifications is becoming more pervasive. However, many companies remain uncertain about program structure and where to begin.

Companies have numerous concerns about executing an international background screening program. In a recent HireRight survey, most companies indicated they are concerned with a common unknown—information availability. Companies also fear compliance and program consistency when they roll out a new program.

To help address global screening concerns and provide you with a path to a successful program launch, HireRight has outlined below eight steps for successfully launching an international background screening program.

  1. Determine Program Ownership
    One of the most daunting tasks in launching an international program centers on program ownership. Before a program can even begin development, organizational ownership must be defined. During this phase, also assess the scope and scale of the program that will need to be rolled out.

  2. Develop a Policy
    While developing your policy, spend time to identify any special organizational or regional needs. This may be compliance or cultural resistance. Use this time to gain organizational buy-in and address concerns up front.

  3. Design Your Processes
    Identify the current background screening workflows in place by country or business unit to ensure that your global policy can be implemented as a global practice. Develop basic workflows for the global program that can be modified slightly as needed by compliance or local context and socialize the planned processes to avert unforeseen roadblocks.

  4. Prepare for Change Management
    One of the most frequently underestimated parts of a new program launch is change management. As background screening may be completely new to some business units or country offices, clearly identifying the scope, processes, intentions, and expectations to those affected is crucial.

    Success of the program also hinges upon communication of the benefits of the change and the risks of not changing. Be certain to listen to opposing viewpoints and address concerns early in the process.

  5. Define Program Details
    At this point you should have organizational buy-in, but will still need to identify the logistics of the program. You will need to identify the types of background checks and outline the flexibility for requirements by country or needs.

    Design your desired program layout and number of users at each location. Also, begin developing your launch plan and timelines, as well as whether you plan a global launch or phased approach.

  6. Allocate Resources for Implementation and Training
    For a global rollout, implementation and training success may define the true acceptance of your program. Setting up users and user profiles, as well as ensuring training for all potential users will require appropriate resources and sufficient tools (e.g., online training or tutorials) for proper execution.

  7. Openly Communicate during Go-Live
    If all other steps have been followed, the go live process should initiate the knowledge transfer process from project implementation team to steady-state program management. Together, the teams should support any issues or questions and begin development of initial program metrics.

  8. Audit and Review
    Perform a post-mortem and review lessons learned. If any program activities need adjustment or revision, modify the program accordingly. Most importantly, create a process for periodic review of program effectiveness and acceptance. This helps you keep control and visibility of the screening program and to communicate the challenges and successes.

Armed with this information, you can now commence in the launch, development, or expansion of your own global background screening program.

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