Business Drivers and Challenges in Global Background Screening

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After emerging from one of the hardest recessions in decades, employers have been fretting over a seemingly pervasive skills gap. Why aren’t there enough qualified candidates despite the fact that we have nearly two job seekers for every available job?

This is particularly true in the fields of technology, science, and engineering, as well as management in general. And this is not just a North American phenomenon, as employers in Europe are facing a similar situation.

As a consequence, many organizations have been looking to international candidates to fill the demand for high-caliber talent.

Hiring talented foreign nationals, or local candidates for overseas locations, has certainly been helpful to companies looking to quickly fill the recruitment gap. International employees often times bring a welcome external perspective that can help spark innovation.

Conversely, this pathway can potentially pose its own set of unique risks. According to the HireRight’s Annual Industry Benchmarking survey, only 15% of respondents indicated that they verify international education or employment experience, even as research shows that more than half of global screenings contain lies or inaccuracies. This surprising reality exposes the need employers to routinely conduct global background checks.

However, hiring candidates from overseas can pose an abundance of challenges (see table 1.) While in the United States the burden is on the employer to conduct due diligence background checks on a candidate, many country laws tend to prioritize the applicant’s right to privacy.

global vetting chartHuman resources leaders must therefore understand the complex regulatory compliance landscape that affects international background checks.

Diverse cultural perspectives on personal privacy only serve to compound the problem.

Finally, a hotchpotch of data and information security requirements means that companies must take a holistic, 360 degree view of their global background screening programs.

Growing reliance on international candidates, combined with the prospects of immigration reform in the US Congress, means that recruiting leaders must fully understand the evolution of this multifaceted and complex legal landscape.

Fortunately, companies do have viable pathways to success. Partnering with experienced experts in global background checks can help simplify business processes while helping to mitigate risk and speed the candidate recruitment cycle.

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