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Global background checking

The launching and implementation of a global screening program is typically driven by a global policy and the organization’s desire for global uniform hiring practices. Once you have met this need by creating a plan for a global screening program for your organization, you will want to ensure the program’s long-term success by following a few best practice guidelines. By taking steps early in the development of your program, you can avoid many complications and pitfalls that may otherwise occur down the road.

To help you better proactively plan out your program, we are sharing a few tips gleaned from the implementations of some thriving global screening programs.

Five Tips for Launching and Implementing Global Screening:

1. Implement a Global Verification Policy
To stay organized and compliant, a very important preliminary step to take is the creation and implementation of a global verification policy. This policy should clearly outline the minimum screening requirements for all employees and vendors. This policy will determine what background information can and cannot be used to make hiring decisions in various locations and forces compliance in all regions and at all levels of your organization.

2. Determine your short-term and long-term strategy
Determining your short and long term strategy will allow you to focus better. For example, a good short-term goal would be to identify the countries in which you would like to launch your pilot program.

The first phase of this strategy would be to launch the screening program in locations with highest hiring volumes/highest risk potential. The next phase would be to launch the screening program in remaining locations. A couple examples of long term goals would be the implementation of a global adjudication process to ensure consistency in hiring practices, and launching a global vendor screening program.

3. Designate a small core implementation team empowered to make decisions and take action
Implementation projects can fail due to lack of ownership and concentrated authority to make key decisions efficiently. It is critical to the project’s success for an organization implementing a global screening program to assemble a small team of experts and influencers, lead by a dedicated project manager, to drive the change within the organization.

4. Identify local stakeholders and obtain their buy-in prior to implementation
For a successful long-term plan, regional stakeholders must support the new program. Failure to identify key direct and indirect stakeholders and solicit their support early in the process might cause implementation delays, and even the project failure. Stakeholders include: Regional HR Managers, Regional Executives, Regional Legal Counsel and Security representatives, Users, Applicants, Influencers and “nay-sayers.”

5. Engage, align and partner with users
Engage users early in the process, ideally in the in the project initiation and planning phases. Devise an effective communication strategy to inform users about the progress of the project and provide a platform for them to ask questions. These platforms can include surveys, regional calls led by the implementation team, internal communications, an intranet site and PR campaigns.

You want to make lasting changes, which can mean the creation of topic-specific webinars, intranet pages dedicated to background verification topics, policies and best practices, program management and organizing a quick response team. If positioned correctly, the program rollout process can be a great team building exercise!

These are just a few of the best practices we have gathered from successful global screening programs. It is important to remember that background screening programs are not one-size-fits-all. By assessing and addressing the needs of your particular organization, and developing an organized, well thought out program in the planning stages of your global screening program implementation, you can minimize the complications of your new program.

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