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HireRight Global

HireRight is excited to introduce HireRight Global, the first truly global background screening solution.

Simply put, HireRight Global is a technology platform, combined with operational and support centers around the world, which together provide a uniform and consistent, yet localized way to perform background screening, no matter where in the world employers and their candidates are located. You can read all the details here.

HireRight was the first company to bring background screening online, the first to integrate with ATS/HRM systems and the first to offer a mobile candidate portal. By launching HireRight Global, we’re bringing another “first” to the background screening industry. And I can tell you, it took us years to build this, leveraging our decades of experience, having screened nearly 100,000,000 candidates in 200 countries and territories to overcome the complexity necessary for a truly global solution.

So why did we go to all this trouble? Well, we’re fortunate to be the long-standing background screening provider to the world’s most global companies. We count nearly 50% of the Fortune 100 as our clients! And as we all know these days, global means local (it really is a small world, after all). Our clients want one employer brand and singular visibility for the candidates they recruit—people who are born, attended school or have worked in all countries around the world.

We know that global solutions often have different tools and processes in each country and lack true localization (again: languages, cultures, solutions to meet data protection regulations, etc.). So a few years ago, we took a deep breath and decided to build the industry’s first single global solution.

Let’s look at an example to show how this works: Imagine an Indian citizen currently residing and working in Europe. She finished her first degree at home, went to grad school in the U.S., held her first job in LA (where she made a few regrettable choices that show up on her public criminal records) and is now working in Europe. Her next job will take her to New York, but of course, she first needs to pass a background check. Oh, and as we speak, she’s vacationing in the Florida Keys.

HireRight Global can:

  • Present her a mobile interface that starts with GDPR disclosure and consent forms, assuring her of a full ring-fencing of her data in the EU and affording her the “right-to-be-forgotten”
  • Track down her undergraduate and graduate degrees in local language recognizing accredited institutions, with lists populated with the appropriate local diploma types
  • Know to omit a question about her salary history, to comply with NYC’s pay equity law
  • Seamlessly identify the results of her poor choice in LA in around two days
  • Present her with a choice of electronically enabled locations to do a drug test in the Florida Keys
  • Even offer her an avenue to challenge any finding in the background report should she wish to do so, no matter the source of information

While we’re excited about HireRight Global, we are staying true to our roots as an innovator, keeping our nose to the grindstone, tailoring to local nuances, and improving the workflows to help you manage your compliance obligations. In general we take the heavy lifting out of background checking. It keeps us busy, but for now, we’re celebrating.

Check out HireRight Global and let us know what you think!


Jurgen Leijdekker

Jurgen Leijdekker is the chief executive officer of HireRight. Jurgen's global experience spans private equity investment, corporate enterprise, and management consulting as well as government service with central bank and international monetary institutions. Over the course of his career, Jurgen has driven growth strategies, customer experience improvements, and operational transformations for organizations across many industry sectors including healthcare, enterprise software development, and financial services. Prior to HireRight, Jurgen was a senior operating executive at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS), a leading private equity firm that specializes its investment activities in information/business services and healthcare. In addition to participating in more than 30 diligence/deal processes, Jurgen served in numerous capacities for portfolio companies, including interim COO, board director, and PE operating executive. Jurgen holds a Master of Arts degree in International Finance from the University of Amsterdam.

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