The Background Screening Gap that Many HR Professionals are Overlooking

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Many organizations in the United States actively recruit individuals who have lived, studied, or worked in another country.

Hiring individuals with foreign experience or backgrounds can add valuable new perspectives to an organization and can serve as tangible evidence of a commitment to diversity.

However, only 15% of the employers who responded to HireRight’s 2014 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark Survey reported that their organization performs background screening on individuals with multi-national residence, education and/or employment history.

In an increasingly global marketplace and in an environment where hiring the right talent is essential, organizations should remember that background screening multi-national candidates can help insulate them from negligent hiring claims, help create a safer work environment and improve the quality of hires by reducing the following risks:

  1. Falsified credentials: Since only a small percentage of employers report having adopted global background screening policies, candidates could take advantage of gaps in an organization’s procedures by claiming degrees that were never earned or falsifying employment histories.
  2. Discrimination claims: Organizations that do not consistently conduct background screening may not be fully protecting themselves against claims of discriminatory hiring practices, which can result in costly, time-consuming litigation.
  3. Bad hires: Failure to conduct global background screening to authenticate an applicant’s qualifications may prevent organizations from identifying concerns in an individual’s overall quality and background.

Establishing international background screening practices can help support an organization’s goals for talent acquisition, development, and future growth.

When developing comprehensive employment screening policies to reduce risk and improve overall quality of hire, employers can choose from a variety of background checks for multi-national applicants, including identity, criminal, education, employment and/or references, professional license verifications, credit and/or financial assessment, motor vehicle records and more (subject to local availability and compliance restrictions).

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