To Be Global, Act Local

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Driven by a number of factors, such as the economic growth, increasing globalization and fierce competition for talent, global recruitment and talent attraction will continue to be a key focus for many employers in 2015 and beyond.

Employers interested in expanding their business beyond their national borders, or to hire talent from abroad, must be cognizant of the unique challenges that exist in global sourcing.

Simply applying existing, “home country” processes and systems to global recruitment is a recipe for a mediocre candidate experience.

Therefore it is important to provide candidates with a more localized experience through as many of the key steps in the recruitment process as possible to create the familiarity that translates into a great candidate experience.

Not only is “acting local” beneficial for candidates, but it also helps employers improve their brand and reputation in new markets and source the best candidates.

From a background check perspective, employers should look for capabilities to help both localize and personalize the applicant’s experience. This should include:

  • availability of key information to applicants in a variety of different languages,
  • an applicant’s ability to submit their application in the local language,
  • the capacity for regional offices to work with documents in their native language,
  • as well as access to a vendor who understands the challenges in a global screening program and who can provide valuable best practices expertise to help navigate this complex environment.

Global talent acquisition is a complex endeavor and employers should ensure that the candidate experience is not neglected.

Not all background check companies are alike and capabilities indicative of a vendor with strong global offerings are found only amongst a select few.

Therefore, HR managers should carefully vet the language capabilities of prospective background check vendors.

By connecting with a globally-oriented partner, employers can help position themselves to successfully grow their own global business.

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I am a global growth leader at HireRight. Helping HR, risk and compliance leaders navigate the global background screening landscape. I have a passion for all that makes our world remarkable and diverse…geography, people and culture.

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