Case Study: Managing Compliance Risk in Health Care Hiring

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Senior care background screening

One of the nation’s largest senior care providers finds that one hiring violation carries serious consequences.

You may think that your health care organization is doing everything it can to screen new workers and comply with federal regulations. Yet it is recommended that every organization re-evaluate its employment background screening program through internal audits annually to be sure there aren’t any loopholes or gaps in the system.

Most health care administrators know the Office of Inspector General (OIG) prohibits certain health care organizations from hiring any sanctioned or excluded individuals or parties. It is the responsibility of each health care facility to check its employee roster against the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) and release any workers with violations.

Yet there can be a few big challenges to overcome in relying on basic federal sanctions checks as your sole means of background screening employees.

  1. There is a delay in time between when a sanction occurs at the state level and when it is reported up to the federal level and published on the OIG LEIE.
  2. People move, change names and may falsify their social security or other identifying information to hide their sanction history.
  3. Many health care organizations deal with hiring hundreds or thousands of workers, leaving ample space for human errors and oversights.

One of the nation’s largest senior care providers recently found a gap in its employment screening system. During a routine audit, federal auditors found one individual out of 20,000 employees that appeared on the sanctions list and prohibited from working in health care organizations that accept federal funds. This single violation resulted in fines and penalties totaling $500,000.

The organization was told by federal authorities that it must improve its employment screening system, or the penalties would only compound for future violations. At a cost of $500,000 dollars per violation and rising, evaluating their employment screening program and investing in improvements made fiscal sense.

The company partnered with Kroll, a HireRight company, to review and uncover flaws in its previous employment screening solution and strengthen its employment screening policy. To find out more about this senior care organization’s story and the measures it took to improve employment screening, read the customer success story: One of the Largest Senior Care Organizations Overhauls its Screening Program.

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