Top Three Benefits of Employment Screening

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This article is Part 3 in a series on key findings from HireRight’s 2014 Health Care Spotlight report based on survey respondents specific to that industry in HireRight’s annual Employment Screening Benchmarking Survey. This article discusses the key reasons why organizations perform background screening.

For health care organizations, concern about patient care, employee safety, and reputation are paramount. Health care organizations recognize the value of employment screening to mitigate risk and protect the safety of their patients and employees. More than half of all respondents reported that employment screening delivers better quality of hires, improves regulatory compliance and provides more consistent safety and security.

Following is an overview of these top three benefits of employment screening:

  1. Top Benefits Delivers Better Quality of Hires. Health care employers use employment screening to determine whether applicants are being truthful in the information they report. Employment screening allows health care organizations to recruit quality hires that accurately represent their qualifications. 56% of employers reported
    that employment screening delivers better quality of hires.
  2. Improves Regulatory Compliance. Health care organizations need to stay current with relevant legal regulations. This can be challenging as federal and state laws are often different, and many states require a range of checks that vary for licensed and unlicensed staff. 53% of employers reported that employment screening provides their organization with improved regulatory compliance.
  3. Provides More Consistent Safety and Security. Hiring an ineligible individual may pose a risk to patient and employee safety, and result in fines, litigation and brand damage. It is important that employers be able to identify job candidates with issues before hire. 52% of employers reported that employment screening provides more consistent safety and security.

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