4 Cool Benefits of Using Video for Initial Interviews

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Phone or in-person interviews for first-time meetings with job candidates are just so 20th Century.

Today, it’s just as easy – and may be quite a bit better for you, your company, and the candidate – to use video for the initial interview.

Consider: It will take the same amount of time as a face-to-face or voice-only meeting, but using Skype or Facetime for the initial interview offers a number of significant benefits to HR professionals, including:


1. Mutual Convenience:

Tweet: Conducting first-round interviews by video saves time + money for both the candidate + the company. http://ctt.ec/au33Z+ via @HireRightWith the workforce becoming ever more globalized and companies expanding their reach for candidates farther than ever, conducting first-round interviews by video certainly saves time and money for both the candidate and the company.

Candidates not having to come to your office may appreciate not having to spend precious dollars on gas or public transportation fees, lose time traveling to and from your office, risk being late due to traffic, and not having to worry about paying for parking.

Without having to travel, they can spend more time preparing for a video interview.

And they’ll get to see what you and your company’s offices look like.

On your side, as opposed to a phone interview, the interviewer is less likely to be distracted since he or she knows they’re on camera.

And unlike in-person meetings, recruiters won’t need to adjust his or her schedule to accommodate early or late interviews, not have to validate parking – which can add up with multiple candidates – and not have to walk to and from the reception room to greet and bid a fond farewell to every candidate.



2. Revealing:

Unlike a phone interview, a video chat enables you to see the candidate in real time.

And not just a still image but a living, breathing person.

This provides an opportunity to gauge the candidate’s comfort – or discomfort – when answering your probing, incisive and provocative questions.

Their expressions and body language can tell you quite a lot about a candidate and their aptitude for the position offered.


3. Recordable:

The ability to record the interview is one of the biggest benefits to this method.

If there are members of staff – prospective co-workers and hiring managers – who would like a say in the hiring process but can’t attend the interview, recording the video interview allows them the opportunity to view the interview when it’s more convenient for them.

Plus, he or she may also be able to offer new or additional insights from the video interview you may have initially missed.

You’ll, of course, want to evaluate any potential legal issues with recording an interview in your location and if the recording is permissible get the Candidate’s consent before you record them.


4. Enriched Experience

As Recruiter.com points out, an often-overlooked but exciting aspect of video interviewing is the multimedia functions it allows.

An interview conducted in cyberspace can be an immersive experience, with the candidate able to display or share work samples, online portfolios, presentations and other materials.

The interviewer can also share brochures, slide decks, and other virtual materials.

It will also demonstrate how comfortable the candidate is in using today’s communication technology.


There are also a number of video interview apps that are available, including HireVue, Montage, and Green Job Interviews.

Depending on the vendor, these apps may include predictive analytics, capture feedback and analysis, scenario-based questions, deliver the ability to view, rate and share info on video-interviewed candidates from multiple devices, and offer additional built-in functionality.

Lights, camera – interview!

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