5 Ways You Can Integrate Mobile Recruitment into Your Talent Acquisition Efforts

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Commuters on trains, pedestrians walking dogs, travelers sprinting for connecting flights. At any given time, more than 60 percent of these people in the U.S. have one thing in common—use of a smartphone.

In our modern life, the smartphone is an essential element of everyday personal and professional activity: we pay bills, take video conference calls, share calendars, even co-edit documents from these highly accessible devices.

Another critical activity for which people are using their mobile devices is the job search. A recent study by job board Simply Hired revealed that 70 percent of those actively looking for a job use their device as an integral part of the process.

Moreover, this reliance on mobile technologies during the job hunt is only expected to grow. Glassdoor reports that 84 percent of people believe, that in the next five years, smartphones and tablets will be the most common tools people will use to look for a new career opportunity.

Correspondingly, employers that track the origin of traffic to their career sites are discovering that much of the interest and communication is invariably arriving from a mobile device.

So how can an employer take advantage of this growing trend and include mobile-based recruitment strategies into their overall talent acquisition efforts?

The following are just some of the ways that employers are getting proactive about putting the job search directly into the pocket—so to speak—of potential candidates:

  • Organizations are sending text messages directly to a receptive audience who has “opted-in” and signed up to learn more about job opportunities, career events, and other pertinent news about professional happenings at a particular organization. Communications like this can help cultivate both passive and active candidates.
  • Some employers have developed an “app” (short for application) that users can download to their phone to learn more about the employer or apply for open positions.
  • Forward-thinking organizations are leveraging video technology to enable face-to-face interviews with potential candidates, all without incurring the expense of travel or lodging. This can even be done on varying schedules, as some video techniques allow for pre-recorded questions and answers.
  • To minimize abandonment rates (which can near 75 percent if the site doesn’t load correctly or quickly), employers are optimizing the career site to make it more mobile-friendly. This can also help position the organization as having the technical foresight to accommodate mobile users.
  • Recruiters can schedule additional interviews, request further personal and professional information, coordinate subsequent steps, and facilitate the employment screening process, all via mobile-based technology. The obvious payoff of this strategy is less time spent from the moment a strong candidate is identified until the moment he or she is officially brought on board as a new team member.
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