A Guide To Quality (Not Just Quantity) Hires

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As unemployment rates decrease to their lowest number in years, employers face a new challenge managing their workforce.

According to the HireRight’s 2016 Benchmark Report, respondents report that finding qualified job candidates and keeping good employees are the top investment categories they plan to focus on.

Now that the job market is more candidate-centric, employees are more likely to switch jobs in pursuit of a better work environment, benefits package, salary, or opportunity.

Employers are recognizing the increase in employee turnover and are looking for ways to not only find qualified workers, but to retain them too. [ Tweet this!]

Hiring, onboarding, and training a new employee can be a costly prospect for an employer, making it worthwhile to try and keep an employee who is familiar with the job and the organization.

How to Attract Qualified Candidates:

1. Start with clear and understandable job descriptions

Outlining specific experience points, qualities, and expected work ethic will allow you to attract the type of employee you want for the job.

Also, consider livening up the job description and include other bonuses of working for your organization, such as the great team they’ll work with or the casual dress code.

2. Use your current employee network

Many good employees are often found and recruited by reference of a current employee.

Most people will only recommend someone they believe will be a good worker, since a bad hire might tarnish their personal or professional reputation. [ Tweet this!]

3. Reevaluate the hiring process

Is it too long or complicated?

Many candidates don’t want to waste their time and will often take another opportunity if it presents itself before you can even get them past the initial stages of vetting.

You might try group interviewing to speed up the process, and at minimum, make sure your candidate is aware of what to expect with respect to your entire evaluation process. [ Tweet this!]

 4. Make the interviewing process a two-way street

Encouraging candidates to ask questions during the interview may give the insight into what is really important to that person.

It may also give them a glimpse into what it’s really like to work for your organization.

5. Improve your company brand

People want to work for a company that is well known or has a good reputation.

A strong brand or positive reviews in the industry or on social media can go a long way in attracting more candidates. [ Tweet this!]

6. Consider using temporary staffing agencies

Staffing a temp is sometimes a good way to “try someone out” before you commit to hiring them full-time.

7. Conduct thorough background screens

This is can be a crucial step to help you evaluate who you are hiring.

The fact is that candidates may try to embellish their resume and can potentially fake their way through a great interview.

Background screens can help weed out the impostors and may deter candidates who know about your screening process from lying. [ Tweet this!]

How to Keep Quality Employees:

1. Offer better benefits besides pay

Candidates consider many factors when looking for a job, besides the pay.

Other benefits, such as flexible work schedules, positive work environments, or longer parental leave, may be more important to a candidate than salary alone.

2. Conduct exit interviews

Exit interviews can give great insight to why people are leaving your organization. [ Tweet this!]

Another way to focus on employee retention is to conduct stay interviews. These types of interviews allow managers to assess what is and isn’t working in the work environment.

 3. Start quality hires at the top

Hire supervisors that are supportive and can communicate clear expectations that will facilitate a positive work environment and promote job security. [ Tweet this!]

4. Create an open work environment

Employees should be able to offer feedback and feel that they have a voice that is heard within an organization.

5. Offer opportunities and growth

People will tend to leave a job when they feel like there is no more room for growth.
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Openly communicate opportunities and make sure employees know that they are valued members of your organization.

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