10 Steps to Improve the Candidate Experience and Become the World’s Leading Brand*

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After a long and arduous interview process, you’ve found a great candidate. And now you’ve scheduled your star candidate’s background check.

Now don’t tell anyone, but it’s at this critical moment in the hiring progression that you can dramatically improve your business’s already-stellar reputation and accelerate your on-boarding process by helping the candidate prepare for their background check.

And it’ll take just a few moments of your time.

To sidestep the most common issues that require a background check company to contact a candidate (which slows turnaround time), let the candidate know:

  1. This is simply a verification process. All he or she needs to do is give complete and accurate info.
  2. Avoid the #1 delay-causing issue by making sure his or her birth date and social security number are entered accurately.
  3. When applicable, be sure to include a maiden name.
  4. Make sure the consent and release forms are signed.
  5. Provide required supporting documents including copies of W2(s) and diploma(s).
  6. Ensure the candidate correctly identifies as a contractor/consultant rather than employee, when appropriate.
  7. Check out HireRight’s Background Check FAQs: hireright.com/background-check-faq.
  8. Keep a copy of the resume handy in case the background check company has a work history question.
  9. Background checks may easily be disputed if the candidate believes the results are inaccurate or incomplete.
  10. Double-check all answers before hitting the “submit” button.

One HireRight customer boasts a candidate contact rate of <4%, vs the average of 10-20%. Why? Because they communicate with candidates early, they help candidates set realistic expectations, and they take the time to pass along helpful HireRight background check tips.

*Well, maybe.

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