How HireRight Helps Improve the Candidate Experience

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Have you ever stopped to consider your candidates’ biggest concerns about background verification’s? [ Tweet this!]

Many recruiters are under so much pressure to quickly hire new employees they often don’t have time to think about how their candidate actually feels.

While recruiters generally see it as just another step in the hiring process, the reality is that candidates are often highly anxious, sometimes even terrified, about the upcoming background verification.

On top of that, there’s typically a fair amount of uncertainty about the process. In fact, the most commonly asked question that people ask is, “How long will this [background check] take?


A Background Check? Relax!

Certainly, that’s a legitimate question!

After many weeks or months of painstakingly trying to line up their new opportunity, these candidates are now on the cusp of starting their new job.

Unfortunately, a common misconception is that the background check may cost them the opportunity, even if they have done nothing wrong.

In reality, the vast majority of candidates who undergo verifications actually proceed to land the job. But still, who can blame them for feeling so apprehensive?

Part of the reason, historically, is that neither employers nor background check vendors have invested much effort to make candidates feel more comfortable.


A Positive Experience

Fortunately, this isn’t always the case.

While the general approach in the employment verification industry in the past has been to screen people out, HireRight has been working hard to change the paradigm.

Our approach marks a significant shift towards a more empathetic and positive candidate experience.

In fact, you might be surprised when you learn about the tremendous amount of time we dedicate to thinking about our candidates, their end-to-end verification journey and all aspects of how our actions impact them.

Our background check process affects their potential employment experience from the technology interface, to upfront candidate preparation, to coaching recruiters and hiring managers, to building supportive Candidate Care teams, to internal operations for verification’s and reporting, and on and on…. Not a single day goes by where we don’t think about how to continually improve these things.

While our goal is simple – to help people get hired – our strategy is necessarily more complex.   [ Tweet this!]

For instance, we try to speed turnaround times, reduce or eliminate unnecessary candidate contacts (the type that really frustrates the heck out of people), and do it all in a way transparent to all stakeholders.

We also continuously produce and distribute a wide and diverse library of e-books, blogs, social media posts, videos and other content designed to aid and support recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.


More Tips Coming Soon!

Candidate experience is not just a catchphrase at HireRight.  [ Tweet this!]

In the coming series of blogs, we’ll share with you how we create tools and offer resources to support your experience.

We’ll also share some practical tips and from HireRight, and perhaps more importantly, best practices from other hiring organizations that do their best to smooth the process for their candidates.

After all, learning from peers is one of the best ways to learn in general!

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