The Road to Talent [Infographic]

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Recruiting candidate experience infographic

As a recruiter, do you ever wonder where all the great candidates are and why they’re not knocking down your door to apply for open positions? Or, if you do have a great candidate, why are they turning down your offer?

After all, your organization has likely made significant effort in making sure that your company is a great place to work, with competitive compensation, attractive benefits and a company culture that attracts superior talent. So why are you still facing challenges in hiring the best of the best, especially in a job market characterized by solid unemployment rates?

Perhaps it’s time for you to take a serious look at your recruiting practices. Even with high unemployment, an attractive candidate is ripe picking for the competition. Is your hiring process the best that it can be? Take a look at our infographic below – it may help you assess where your process could be off-track.

Candidate experience infographic by HireRight

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The Importance of Applicant Experience in Talent Acquisition
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The Importance of Applicant Experience in Talent Acquisition

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