The Year of the Candidate at HireRight

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As we mentioned in our last post, 2016 is the Year of the Candidate at HireRight. [ Tweet this!]

You’re probably thinking, “Please spare me another empty marketing initiative that seizes on the latest industry buzzword.”

Well, let us assure you, this is nothing of the sort.

We’re really (and we mean really) taking the candidate experience seriously.

That’s why the Year of the Candidate is a comprehensive and company-wide initiative to drive not only our processes but also our culture.

To us, the Year of the Candidate means we are making a conscious and deliberate effort to be more empathetic and candidate-centric.

This commitment extends throughout the organization.

We are creating systems, processes and human interactions to place the candidate at the center of everything we do. [ Tweet this!]

Considering the arduous candidate journey  so many people have to go through, it’s actually a shame that more HR Tech companies are not taking a similar approach.

Helping People Get Hired

As any HR veteran knows, company culture is a core element of driving change. [ Tweet this!]

We’ve even gone as far as introducing the “HireRight Hero”, a seven-foot-tall figure to remind  employees at all of our global office locations of our quest to weave “help people get hired” into the very fabric of our corporate culture.

Not only is this a fun initiative around the office, but you can literally see people take more pride to be a hero in their work as they “help people get hired.”

And with that sense of pride comes a better experience for candidates as well!

The Year of the CandidateHireRight employees from around the world posing with the HireRight Hero.

Backed by People That Care

Of course there are plenty of other initiatives at play, such as our commitment to serving candidates with modern and user-friendly technology as well as auditing and redesigning verifications processes to make them more candidate-centric.

In addition, we have recently moved to a new Support model which we believe better serves our candidates.

We now have dedicated Candidate Care and Relations teams who focus exclusively on candidates.

Importantly, to avoid cultural and lingual barriers, our trained Candidate Care specialists provide support to candidates directly in the geographic region from which the individual is calling.

We also firmly believe that the best teachers for you may be your peers.

So as we speak with clients, we pay close attention to those interesting tidbits they share about how to improve their candidates’ experiences.

There is substantial value in sharing these types of best practices and I look forward to providing you with some of this insight in future blogs.

So, hopefully we have convinced you that 2016 really is the “Year of the Candidate” at HireRight.

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