On The QR Code and the Tech Savvy Recruits Potentially Behind It

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The next generation of job-seekers may well be operating predominantly from mobile devices or tablets. Indeed, Glassdoor reports that 84 percent of people believe, that in the next five years, mobile devices will be the most common tools people will use to look for a new career opportunity.

This means it is becoming critically important for employers to understand how to leverage the use of mobile technologies for their recruiting purposes. Some organizations are looking to better understand how they can integrate text messaging (also known as SMS) into their talent acquisition efforts—a relatable goal, given that text messaging users send or receive an average of 41.5 messages per day.

Another avenue some employers are exploring is the integration of quick response (QR) codes, which can be incredibly convenient for connecting an individual to a wealth of information about an organization. If you are a recruiting leader interested in scouting the next generation’s technologically adept talent pool, the QR code is a tool that may become an important and economical part of your recruiting repertoire.

A QR code is a bar code that potential candidates simply scan with their smartphone camera. The act of scanning this code from any location then links the user directly to important online content that might otherwise be conveyed in print. In this way, the QR code directly targets a wholly interested audience from almost any location, like billboards, the side of products, brochures, or signage at a tradeshow.

Entering a long and cumbersome URL into a browser is time-consuming and leaves much room for error. The QR code takes the guesswork and difficulty out of this process by linking the mobile device immediately to a specific web address where a wealth of valuable information about the organization is waiting for potential employees. This information could include an overview of the organization, more detail about its employment brand, links to open positions, and other relevant news.

Some organizations that have taken the lead in using QR codes for recruiting purposes are Google, the U.S. Army, Ernst & Young, and AT&T.

The world is quickly turning to the mobile device in pockets and purses for connectivity to pertinent information. This means that a talent pool riding the elevator, subway, bus, airplane, or even vacationing with a magazine in hand could easily scan a QR code at a moment’s notice and be linked to powerful recruiting tools such as videos, open positions, and even the application process–all by simple waving and clicking their device at one single barcode.

QR codes are a valuable recruiting tool to consider for future employees because the convenience of such a marketing approach allows individuals to act and connect when they are most enthusiastic about a job lead–right from the phone or tablet in his or her hand. This tool presents a tremendous opportunity to engage and connect with a highly interested audience.

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