What to Know Before You Go Mobile with Talent Acquisition

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A recent survey reported that nearly 85 percent of people believe, that in the next five years, mobile devices will be the most common tool job-seekers will use in their search efforts.

As a result, many employers are eager to integrate mobile-based recruitment strategies into their overall talent acquisition program. Yet before rolling out a mobile recruitment initiative, which can produce a number of benefits, they should better ensure that their technology is in order.

Job-seekers interested in an organization or looking to apply for a specific position may be put off by a career site or an online application not configured to work properly on a mobile device.

In fact, 74 percent of individuals would abandon a career site if it did not load within five seconds, and nearly half would not return to the site if it did not work properly on the first visit. That’s why it’s important that, before launching a mobile recruitment strategy, organizations optimize their career sites and online applications for mobile devices. Doing so can help them establish a clear competitive advantage in the race for great talent.

In addition to creating a poor first impression, employers could miss out on qualified candidates if the career section of their web site doesn’t work properly on a smartphone or tablet.

Likewise, an online job application process can frustrate the best applicants when it is just too long and cumbersome. Mobile device users tend to appreciate a check-the-box approach when done right.

In addition to making things easier for job-seekers, thoughtful multiple-choice questions or lists requiring yes/no answers can also help employers distill a large set of candidates to a select few.

Given these advantages, it’s surprising that so few employers have taken steps to ensure that their technology is ready for the mobile-equipped candidate.

Only 13 percent of Fortune 500 companies have yet to optimize their career sites to work on a smartphone or tablet. And even fewer—just 2.2 percent— have implemented mobile-friendly online applications. Mobile optimization may provide a significant leg up on competitors for those employers looking to target the substantial population of adults (61 percent in the U.S.) who use a smartphone.

The benefits of an optimized mobile recruitment function are clear; however, employers who intend to compete for the best applicants online must make sure that their career sites work well and are accessible to mobile-based job seekers.

Mobile optimization in recruitment is relatively new, but organizations that attend to their mobile deficiencies and the user experience on their career sites may find that their initial investment in technology provides hefty returns on talent acquisition.

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