How to Manage Driver Risk With Ongoing MVR Monitoring

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Are you concerned about your drivers operating equipment with a suspended or revoked driver’s license?

Relying on drivers to provide violation notifications or waiting until annual motor vehicle record (MVR) reviews to learn about a recent citation or license revocation may be detrimental to your business and reputation. Your ability to quickly identify new citations, unlicensed and high-risk drivers each month can be an effective tool to help reduce fines and accidents — and the costs of potential litigation, settlements or judgments.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 19% of motor vehicle fatalities involved drivers with invalid licenses.

While it is a DOT requirement to check a new driver’s motor vehicle records at the time of hire, as well as annually, what do you do to monitor your employees’ driving behavior between annual reviews? MVRs are an ideal way to identify an unsafe driving history; however, it is simply a snapshot in time and is only as good as the day the record was pulled. Gaps between MVR checks could expose your company to liability.

What is Driver Monitoring?

Your ability to quickly identify new citations, unlicensed, and high-risk drivers each month is a highly effective tool in reducing costly preventable accidents. In order to do so, you need continuous visibility into your fleet’s driving behavior. MVR monitoring is just that – a powerful, exception-based reporting engine that scans state databases for any negative changes to a driver’s motor vehicle record and scores the change detected based on a standardized point system, in addition to the rest of the driver’s history – so you know when a driver is a risk to your organization without any manual effort – drastically decreasing your exposure.

Driver monitoring is a proactive screening tool to monitor your list of drivers on an ongoing basis to alert you of any changes to their driver record. Alert notifications are provided for citations, revocations, suspensions, speeding tickets, DUI/DWI convictions, approaching license or medical certification expirations.

MVR Monitoring Can Help Maintain Low CSA Scores

Driver monitoring can assist companies in maintaining a lower CSA score. Motor carrier alerts provide a critical “heads up” when changes reported could potentially impact a carrier’s score.

Since motor carriers cannot use the Pre-Employment Screening (PSP) report for current drivers, driver monitoring can serve as a predictor for how a carrier’s score might change as a result of violations, once the carrier establishes a scoring baseline for their drivers.

MVR monitoring also keeps track of historical crash information including the frequency and severity of each incident, depending upon the state of record. A monitoring system can help manage all seven categories of the CSA BASICs allowing motor carriers to maintain or lower their CSA score.

How does HireRight’s Driver Monitoring Service Work?

Once you enroll your drivers in HireRight’s Driver Monitoring Service, baseline MVRs are requested for your drivers. The baseline MVR allows the monitoring system to create a normalized score – which enables your company to understand and proactively manage a driver’s risk threshold from day one, while also providing the data necessary to continuously scan state systems for negative changes to the driver’s record.

When a negative change (as provided/released by the state) is detected on the driver’s record, the system will automatically order the driver’s full MVR, providing you with the information  needed to assess any corrective action with the driver. The system will also provide all the relevant MVR information to you in the form of alerts and reports which helps you reduce your risk and remain compliant with state and federal regulations, without the manual effort typically associated with these processes.

In many states, FMCSA guidance suggests that driver MVR monitoring can take the place of annual MVR pulls, thus monitoring can reduce your spend while giving you the visibility necessary to manage your risk and help keep your CSA driver fitness scores in check.

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