Podcast: Should Your Company Be Using Oral Fluid Testing?

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Dr. Simo talks about Hair Drug Testing

Welcome to the third edition of MRO Talks. In this particular episode, Dr. Simo focuses on Oral Fluid Testing, and the pros and cons of adding it to your screening regimen.

Over the past several months, Dr. Simo has worked to educate and train employers on the benefits of oral fluid testing, a very powerful and underutilized testing process, that helps ensure drug-free workplaces. Learn more in the podcast below:

HireRight Podcast
HireRight’s Enhanced Drug and Health Screening Services
 Should Your Company Be Using Oral Fluid Testing?
By: Dr. Todd Simo, Chief Medical Officer, HireRight
Length: 2:17[audio:https://admin.hireright.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/MRO-TALKS-3.mp3
|titles=HireRight’s Enhanced Drug and Health Screening Services

Audio Transcription:

For more on Oral Fluid testing, check out our eBook on Implementing an Oral Fluid Drug Testing Program.


Dr. Todd Simo

Dr. Simo is the Chief Medical Officer and the Managing Director of Transportation at HireRight. He served as HireRight’s medical director starting in 2009 and was promoted to chief medical officer in 2015. Dr. Simo was also appointed to the role of managing director of transportation and drug & health screening in 2018. Dr. Simo came to HireRight with a decade of experience in the medical consulting arena. Before that he was the medical director for an occupational health clinic in Virginia and owned a consulting firm providing medical director services to employers across the United States

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